Me: Creative identity agent. (That's like a travel agent for your business journey.) Artist, supermarket aisle-dancer, and passionate advocate for shunning the status quo.

You: Creative entrepreneur. Remarkable innovator. You show up every day because your work sets your soul on fire. You're here to make a buck, of course — but mostly you're here to make a difference. Me, too.

Kill Your Overwhelm

Does your online business have you feeling a little stressed? Not sure what's next? Struggling to establish a brand voice or build your audience? I can help. Let's jam. Details

The ReBrand Experience

Does your brand reflect your truest self? How will your business be different in a year? 3 months of diving deep culminating in a new website built on new perspective. Details

Creative Identity Discovery

How does your brand make your people feel? What do you stand for? Where are you headed? Visuals & strategy come together to get you off on the right foot. Details

Selected Work
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16 July, 2009 was the day I got serious about my business. What about you?

Let's get together sometime.

I'll bring monthly updates & special offers. You bring the wine.